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Positioning tips for Breastfeeding

Your baby has come into the world knowing how to feed well. They are very clever!

There are some things you can do that will allow them to do this.

Whether your baby is feeding from your breast or a bottle, they will feed more comfortably when they feel secure.

You can make your baby feel secure by:

- holding them so that they are wrapping around your chest very closely, with their chest next to yours

- your arm supporting them along the length of their back, with support under their nappy

- allowing their arms to be fairly free along either side of your breast. This way, they can massage your breast with their hand to help the milk flow, and they can stabilise themselves with their hands

- bringing them in to the breast by supporting them behind their shoulder-blades, so that their chest and chin are tucked in very close to you

- allowing their head to be free to tip backwards a little. Think about how you tip your head back when you're drinking from a glass. This helps them to swallow freely, and tucks their chin into the breast, where it helps the milk to flow by massaging the breast.

This feeling of security and support is the first step in allowing your baby to feed comfortably, both for you and them!

If you are having trouble feeding your baby, and the things you've tried haven't improved this, give MouthWorks a call on 6218 2887, and make an appointment to see our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Rhonda Kemsley.

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To Schedule An Appointment Call 03 6218 2887

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