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Making Sense (Part One)

Our bodies are constantly taking in sensory information, we smell, we hear, we see, we touch, we feel where our bodies are in space.

Everyone responds to this information in different ways, we even use this information to help us calm ourselves or to stay alert.

Have you ever noticed yourself twirling your hair?

Chewing your nails?

Perhaps you try to avoid driving in peak traffic?

Prefer to wear colourful clothes?

Everyone is different.

For some people, the way they notice and respond to sensory information can be problematic. Some children find different textures completely overwhelming, others may find it difficult to not notice everything in the room, others fidget.

Usually this isn't a problem, but sometimes it can make it hard to do what you need to do.

Unfortunately having a shower might mean getting water in your hair, going to school may mean being bumped by the person next to you, and singing to yourself may not be the best way to get through a school assembly.

Occupational therapists can help when sensory systems get in the way of doing what you need to do.

Our next post will start explaining how and OT does this.


To Schedule An Appointment Call 03 6218 2887

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