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Speech Pathology


MouthWorks Speech Pathologists are able to provide services for a wide range of communication and swallowing difficulties including speech therapy activities.  Our experienced staff specialise in studying, assessing and treating a variety of conditions, including:

  • speech problems

  • reading and writing problems

  • chewing and swallowing issues

  • orofacial myofunctional issues (such as immature swallowing, unusual tongue posture etc)

  • saliva management problems

  • fluency or stuttering, and

  • voice problems

How can we help?

MouthWorks has a number of Speech Pathologists on staff who can help.  If it is stuttering therapy, communication issues, picky eating or inability to safely eat food as an adult, MouthWorks has a Speech Pathologist who can help you.

Where to now?

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Does your child have a tongue thrust? Do they Mouth Breath?  We can help!

To Schedule An Appointment Call 03 6218 2887

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