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Lego Group






Always a favourite, like a Chicken Parmy! Take a dash of social skills, add learning how to make friends and working as part of a group and you have our LEGO Club!  Come and build LEGO with one of our Therapists!

Lego Group

Play and Learn Social Skills

Give your child a boost with our Play and Learn Social Skills (PALS) group!  Join in small group sessions to help your little one make and keep friends at school. 

Suitable for kids aged 4-6 years of age, this tailored program targets skills like:

- starting friendships

- how friends talk together

- how to play together and;

- how to fix  your playtime up if it all goes wrong. 

PALS helps your child learn what they need to find their tribe in the playground.  

Music Therapy

Give your toddler or pre-schooler the opportunity to socialise with peers in a fun and safe environment.


We are now offering early childhood Music Therapy groups, led by a Registered Music Therapist.


Using familiar songs, instrumental play and movement to music, your little ones will learn valuable skills such as turn-taking, sharing, listening and regulating emotions.


Sessions will also focus on building confidence, fine motor and early literacy skills.

All of our Groups on the Menu come with a side of NDIA Compliance, can be funded either privately or from your plan.

All MouthWorks Groups are run by Qualified Allied Health Staff and are overseen by our Clinical Managers.

Fine Motor Group

Fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscle of the hands, commonly in activities like using pencils, scissors, construction with lego or duplo,  doing up buttons and opening lunch boxes. This group is targeted towards developing those skills.

Messy Play Group

Messy Play focusing on sensory integration of different textures, sounds smells. Oh, and having fun!

Healthy Body Program

What is the Healthy Body Program?


Come along to a fun, and FREE information session with our Dietitians.


Find out how our Healthy Body Program will help you improve your healthy eating skills and knowledge in a fun, friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere.


Our FREE information sessions will help show you how our program can help and guide you to meet your goals.

Music is Life Song Writing

Song Writing group for Teens and Adults.

MouthWorks Music Therapy Team are running a Music Therapy Song Writing Group.  Come along and find a new and creative way to express yourself! 

These sessions are for ALL abilities and focus on self-expression, emotional awareness and regulation.

$42.00 per person

$42.00 per person

$35.00 per person

$52.50 per person

$52.50 per person

FREE info Session

$35.00 per person

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