Why see a Dietitian?

Need your car Serviced?          See a Mechanic
Got a blocked pipe?                 See a Plumber
Sick?                                          See a Doctor
Want to eat healthy?                Consult Google
Doesn't make sense does it?
Why, when we want to:
  • Eat Healthy
  • Lose Weight
  • Help manage diabetes
  • Help manage moods
  • Grow muscle
  • Improve sporting performance
  • manage food allergies
  • help with IBS
  • and more
do we consult Dr Google, follow trends or Celebrities?​
Get Real, proven advice from a Professional.  See an Accredited Practicing Dietitian at MouthWorks.

You have arrived here so you have made a start.  The next steps can be easy.  Check out our Blog, there may be something on there which will be of assistance.  We are always updating and adding new content.


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If you still need help, you could consider making an appointment to see us.  Our Admin team can help you decide who you need to see or you could use our Online Therapy Guide to see who could, potentially, help.

Where to now?

To Schedule An Appointment Call 03 6218 2887

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To Schedule An Appointment Call 03 6218 2887

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